Pathology Test

advanced scientific centre have a in house computerized Pathology Laboratory. it is our endevour To provide our patients with comprehensive Pathology test without having to go do any any other centre. All pathology test required in a diabetic patient carried out in Advanced diabetes centre. Almost all organs of the body can be directly or indirectly affected due to diabetes. Hence a comprehensive blood profile is needed to assess the entire body status if a person is detected with diabetes.



Blood sugar test can be done at Home.This is called SMBG (self­monitoring of blood glucose). For all diabetics it is a good habit to check blood sugar at home 2­3 times a week or more frequently depending upon the control of blood sugar. Poorly controlled diabetics should check sugars more frequently Lab testing. Once a month or once in 2 months patient should check blood sugar in a reliable pathology laboratory Glycosylated HB (HBA1C) testing shows the mean blood sugar over a 3 month period.

Blood sugar should be maintained between 90 and 150 in a diabetic or below 6.5 to 7 HBA1C level. At these levels practically no short term and long term complications of diabetes will occur. Testing blood sugar levels and then consulting your doctor will help in better drug selection and dosage adjustment resulting in optimum control and decreased complications both short term and long . Blood sugar testing the patient needs to come fasting about 8 hours so the patient will have a dinner tonight I come by around 8 to 8:30 a.m. in the morning for blood sugar testing.

post lunch blood sugar post lunch blood sugar means blood sugar which which is tested 2 hours after lunch. random blood sugar is blood sugar which is tested at any time of the day. Glucose tolerance test is a test which is sometimes carried out to diagnose diabetes. in this blood sugar is checked at least 5 times early morning. the patient has to come fasting to our pathology lab .A fasting sample is taken followed by an oral glucose of 75 gram and then half early blood collections are done. glycosylated haemoglobin is a test which detect 3 monthly mean blood sugar reading .it is an important test to assess the overall blood sugar control. this test is carried out frequently nowadays once in 3­4 months.

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