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Dr. Jacob Thomas – Best Diabetologist in Mumbai

DR JACOB THOMAS, MD (MED); DNB (MED) is a well known physician, preventive cardiologist and best diabetologist in Mumbai since last 20 years. He did his MBBS from SETH G S MEDICAL COLLEGE, KEM HOSPITAL, Mumbai. He cleared his MBBS in the year 1992 in first attempt and enrolled for his post graduate training in GRANT MEDICAL COLLEGE, SIR JJ GROUP OF HOSPITALS, Mumbai. Both these institutes are recognized as among the premier medical institutions in our country. Hence he received the best of training in his undergraduate years in KEM hospital, leading to a very strong foundation in basics and fundamentals.

In JJ hospital, all round training in all specialties were obtained, including Emergency Medicine, Endocrinology, infectious diseases including Immunocompromised Diseases, Cardiac Care, and Intensive Cardiac Care Unit. His main interest was however, towards lifestyle disease, diabetes and its complications. Diabetes is ever increasing in our country and Dr Jacob Thomas has been trained under best diabetologists in Mumbai during his post graduate years.

During the course of post graduations he has to his credit clinical research papers, presentations and clinical drug trials conducted in Grant Medical College. Also he has done considerable study for emerging as one of the best diabetes doctor in Mumbai during the two decades of clinical practice. Managing TYPE1 and TYPE2 diabetes and its related complications like, IHD, diabetic kidney disease, peripheral neuropathy, prevention of diabetic retinopathy, prevention and management of strokes, diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperosmolar coma are some aspects he specializes in.

As well as pre-diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, early diabetics and subtle early complications like erectile dysfunction and dyslipidemia management are areas where he has achieved remarkable results due to all round therapeutic approach.

He is the proprietor of ADVANCED DIABETES CENTRE, a decade old centre housing best diabetes specialist in Mumbai catering to all aspects of diabetes. The motto of the centre is to Educate, Motivate, Treat & Care. All Four aspects are needed to achieve Optimal Therapy in Diabetes.

EDUCATE: At the centre we have regular education programs which teaches patients various aspects of diabetes. Topics like what is diabetes, importance of therapy, modalities of therapy are provided to acquaint the patients. Lectures on correct methods of taking insulin as well as dietician lectures on diabetic diet are taken. Through media like this website and blogs and Facebook pages including various articles written by Dr Jacob, a diabetes specialist in Mumbai, are published periodically. The articles are frequently updated, and knowledge relevant to patients is displayed.

In his endeavor to optimize educating patients about diabetes he has also created a CUSTOMIZED MOBILE APP called DR JACOB DIABETES APP. The app gives information about various aspects of diabetes and other diseases in concise manner from DR JACOB THOMAS (best diabetologist in mumbai) i.e. in form of articles and presentations which can be easily accessed from anywhere.

To download this app, you have to go to PLAY STORE in your android mobile phone. Type DR JACOBS DIABETES APP and install. In the app, go to home page, press “COMMON DISEASES”, select “DIABETES” or any other sub heading. Select the article to read.

This app articles and presentations are also periodically updated. Many patients have already downloaded the app and it has provided much help in their diabetes management. He has also conducted a research work (submitted recently to Journal of API) about the willingness of people to use new health apps and how it can improve their therapeutic outcome.

MOTIVATE: The second aim of our centre is to motivate patients repeatedly and persistently to follow the preventive aspects of diabetes. This is also done by repeated subtle reminders during consultation as also by the use of DIABETIC EDUCATORS and DIETICIANS of our team involved in the healthcare and also through reminders, follow ups through SMS and through this website and apps.

TREAT: The ultimate aim of this course is to optimize the treatment and all the other actions are directed towards this ultimate goal. Importance of keeping HBA1c less than 7 is emphasized and with his 20years experience appropriate oral medications or injections based on individualization of therapy is instituted. Electronic record keeping and reminders for testing blood and follow ups helps in reaching the targeted goal. If diabetes worsens with time, then periodic adjustments in dosages may be required, is emphasized to patients. As also a protocol for routine blood tests and yearly complete health checkups with special emphasis on cardiac, renal, neurological and eye status is emphasized.

CARE: Not to make the patient feel “ILL” or burdened by his/her diabetes is also an important goal. This is achieved by allaying fears with appropriate education and stressing along with good treatment in which diabetics do very well and have prolonged lifespan. We have found that a right approach and good care of patients goes a long way in improving their sense of well being.

Dr. Jacob Thomas – Blood Sugar Doctor in Mumbai

Dr Jacob Thomas, blood sugar doctor in Mumbai has done various seminars, CMEs and workshops on diabetes and other medical topics like hypertension, dyslipidemia and infectious disease.

To name a few multiple lectures taken in KARUNA Hospital Borivali where he is the CME coordinator as well as Secretary of the ETHICS COMMITTEE which is in formative stage for carrying out meaningful research in various medical fields and as well as known the center of best blood sugar doctor in Mumbai. As a part of the coordinator role, he has encouraged and organized multitude of seminars with interdisciplinary participation and clinicopathological and clinicoradiological seminars. He has also organized various public education seminars.

Blood Sugar Doctor in Mumbai, Dr. Jacob Thomas providing diabetes treatment in andheri west, borivali, kandivali, goregaon over the mumbai.

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